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Topping from Danish Crown Toppings goes on millions of pizzas every year. We have a large range of products that goes on both traditional Italian inspired pizzas as well as an American Depp pan pizza.

We make pepperoni in all price categories for the most cost-effective solution.

Product development in close cooperation with you

Classic pepperoni slices are the world’s favourite pizza topping. Chilli and paprika give it a stronger, more distinctive taste than salami. Pepperoni is particularly popular in USA, Southern Europe, the UK and Scandinavia. Our products are available as sticks, slices or cubes, and refrigerated or frozen. All products are available in diameters of 25-90mm, and our highly automated technology can also produce mini pepperoni in sizes of 15-22mm.

We are always at the forefront of market trends

A gentler and more rounded flavour than pepperoni. It adds body, making your pizzas or sandwiches extra tasty.

We work with brands that can move markets

A Spanish classic. Less refined and spiced with paprika, making it increasingly popular throughout Europe. The taste intensity lies between the stronger pepperoni and milder salami.

More than just pepperoni

Ham is the primary topping in Europe. At Danish Crown toppings we produce and sell a broad range of cooked toppings such as ham, minced- and pulled products. We have a large selection of ham in different cuts and qualities, just as bacon is produced in many varieties.  

Halal - certified production

Danish Crown Toppings also supplies pepperoni that meets the requirements for halal certification. We make halal pepperoni and halal salami using beef and chicken meat, which is always DNA tested.

Approved organic supplier

Danish Crown Toppings' organic products have been produced in accordance with applicable legislation in Denmark and the EU. All our products are available in an organic classification.

Want to know more?

Danish Crown Toppings is known for its professional and competent decision-making process.<br />Contact Sales Director Lene Grosen via email or telephone for further information.