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Leading supplier of toppings

Competitive prices, efficient decision-making processes and specialisation makes it easy and safe to do business with Danish Crown Toppings.

Highly automated production

Our company was founded in 2003 as DK-Foods A/S, and has since become Europe's leading specialist in toppings in the B2B sector.

In 2018 DK-Foods A/S became a part of Danish Crown Foods A/S and is today Danish Crown Toppings.

Following our latest expansion and investments, we now produce over 200 tonnes of toppings per week, and are always at the forefront of market developments so we can grow with existing and new customers. Our production facilities boast a high level of food safety, employee safety and highly automated production technology.

Always ready to go that extra mile for our customers

Our customer base is primarily large European industrial producers of refrigerated and frozen pizzas and international pizza chains, but we have seen increasing exports to markets such as Asia, Australia and North America in recent years. We work closely with some of the largest retailers in Europe, and have the clear goal of being a recognised pepperoni supplier throughout the world.

Danish Crown Toppings is a part of Danish Crown Group, who entered into partnership with the company in 2018.

Want to know more?

Contact CEO Per Larsen via email or telephone for further information